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The Paris Wife The Paris Wife

By McLain Paula

Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Release Date:2/22/2011
Rating: *****
List Price:$25.00
You Save:$6.70 (27%)
Your Price:$18.30
Infidelity's Fool Infidelity's Fool

By Magid Mannie

Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing
Release Date:1/19/2009
Rating: *****
List Price:$30.50
You Save:$6.32 (21%)
Your Price:$24.18
The Lotus and the Storm The Lotus and the Storm

By Cao Lan

Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Viking Books
Release Date:8/14/2014
Rating: *****
List Price:$27.95
You Save:$7.50 (27%)
Your Price:$20.45
Fight Scenes Fight Scenes

By Bottoms Greg

Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Counterpoint LLC
Release Date:10/1/2008
Rating: *****
List Price:$20.00
You Save:$2.92 (15%)
Your Price:$17.08