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Contemporary Women

Fifty Shades of Grey Fifty Shades of Grey

By James E. L.

Format: Paperback
Publisher: Vintage Books
Release Date:4/3/2012
Rating: *****
List Price:$15.95
You Save:$4.28 (27%)
Your Price:$11.67
Little Bee Little Bee

By Cleave Chris

Format: Paperback
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Release Date:2/16/2010
Rating: *****
List Price:$15.99
You Save:$4.29 (27%)
Your Price:$11.70
True Colors True Colors

By Hannah Kristin, Hannah

Format: Paperback
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Release Date:1/5/2010
Rating: *****
List Price:$14.99
You Save:$4.02 (27%)
Your Price:$10.97
Gfb Grown Fokes Bidniss Gfb Grown Fokes Bidniss

By Hall-Crews

Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Eloquent Books
Release Date:6/1/2009
Rating: *****
List Price:$23.50
You Save:$4.87 (21%)
Your Price:$18.63