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Violet Mackerel's Pocket Protest Violet Mackerel's Pocket Protest

By Branford Anna

Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Atheneum Books for Young Readers
Release Date:9/2/2014
Rating: *****
List Price:$16.99
You Save:$11.08 (65%)
Your Price:$12.43
Member Price:$5.91
Three Little Peas Three Little Peas
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Enchanted Lion Books
Release Date:9/2/2014
Rating: *****
List Price:$16.95
You Save:$11.06 (65%)
Your Price:$12.40
Member Price:$5.89
The Last Polar Bear The Last Polar Bear

By George Jean Craighead

Format: Paperback
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Release Date:8/26/2014
Rating: *****
List Price:$6.99
You Save:$6.74 (96%)
Your Price:$6.40
Member Price:$0.25
Fancy Nancy and the Fall Foliage Fancy Nancy and the Fall Foliage
Format: Paperback
Publisher: HarperFestival
Release Date:8/26/2014
Rating: *****
Your Price:$6.40
Member Price:$0.25
The Walnut Tree Family The Walnut Tree Family

By Nanny

Format: Paperback
Publisher: Createspace
Release Date:7/5/2014
Rating: *****
List Price:$10.50
You Save:$7.07 (67%)
Your Price:$9.60
Member Price:$3.43
Brown Rown Kerchew Brown Rown Kerchew

By Carothers Nina

Format: Paperback
Publisher: All Star Press
Release Date:7/20/2014
Rating: *****
Your Price:$15.03
Member Price:$8.19
Respecting the Water Respecting the Water

By Williams Arla Collett

Format: Paperback
Publisher: Createspace
Release Date:7/29/2014
Rating: *****
List Price:$14.99
You Save:$7.96 (53%)
Your Price:$13.71
Member Price:$7.03
Sally in the Forest Sally in the Forest

By Huneck Stephen

Format: Board Books
Publisher: ABRAMS
Release Date:8/12/2014
Rating: *****
List Price:$7.95
You Save:$7.70 (97%)
Your Price:$5.81
Member Price:$0.25
Tika the Glass Jar Tika the Glass Jar

By Campbell Tricia, Chinn Campbell Tricia

Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Blissful Thinking Publishing, LLC
Release Date:9/1/2014
Rating: *****
List Price:$19.95
You Save:$7.87 (39%)
Your Price:$19.47
Member Price:$12.08
Kupe and the Corals Kupe and the Corals

By Padilla-Gamino Jacqueline L.

Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Taylor Trade Publishing
Release Date:8/13/2014
Rating: *****
List Price:$15.95
You Save:$10.71 (67%)
Your Price:$11.67
Member Price:$5.24

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