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Family Happiness and Other Stories

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Family Happiness and Other Stories

By Tolstoy Leo Nikolayevich

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Each of the six powerful tales in this collection exhibits the rich detail, shrewd observations, and vivid narration that characterize Tolstoy's famous novels. In addition to the title story, this compilation includes "Three Deaths," "The Three Hermits," "The Devil," "Father Sergius," and "Master and Man." Written over a period of 40 years or more, the stories display the author's evolving perspectives on love, marriage, art, politics, and patriotism.

Additional Information

Publisher: Dover Publications
Publication Date: 8/15/2005
ISBN: 9780486440811
Ean: 0486440818
Paperback:200 pages
Physical Info:5.10 x 0.51 x 8.46 inches, (0.36 lbs)
LC Subjects:Tolstoy, Leo
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Your Price:$6.40
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Your Price:$6.40
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Your Price:$6.40
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Your Price:$6.40
Your Price:$6.40
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Your Price:$6.40