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Ninja: The Shadow Warrior

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Ninja: The Shadow Warrior

By Levy Joel

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For centuries, the ninja has occupied a unique place in Japanese culture, straddling the border between fact and folklore. Through classical art, traditional proverbs, and superb research, this exquisitely designed volume takes a look back into the origins and history of these notorious "shadow warriors." Explore their traditions and guiding philosophy, their weapons and martial-arts skills, their mystique as stealthy black-clad assassins, and their enduring appeal as icons of popular culture. A... timeline goes back beyond even the very first ninjalike figure, and follows the movement right through the 1800s, when the final ninja mission ever was recorded: the attempt to infiltrate Commodore Perry's "black ships" off Japan.Detailed info »« Brief info

Additional Information

Publisher: Sterling
Publication Date: 1/1/2000
ISBN: 9781402763137
Ean: 1402763131
Paperback:208 pages
Physical Info:6.27 x 0.91 x 9.50 inches, (1.56 lbs)
Categories:Military - Other | Asia - Japan